CoV-ART General Art Contest

Your Health Forum is sponsoring a general art contest entitled CoV-ART to encourage and showcase artistic expression during this pandemic. After all, did you know that art is one of the most therapeutic activities that you can engage in? Art therapy can be an important tool for mental wellness during this pandemic, helping to create mindfulness and promote restorative activity.

The first Children’s Art Contest was such a great success, we hope that this general contest will be a place where adults could also share their creative pieces from this time! The artist may choose the theme, but the work should be inspired by the current events related to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing. 

There were a total of 14 submissions.  Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest.

Congratulations to our first, second, third place winners!

First Place: Annika Esau, Submission #14

Second Place: Manny Davila, Submission #10

Third Place (tie): Cody Wolfman Johnson, Submission #1, Eugenia Alvarez, Submission #2


Submission #1:  Cody “Wolfman” Johnson


This artist’s instagram is @wolfmanpaintings if you wanted to see more!


Submission #2:  Eugenia Alvarez

corona1 (4)

From the artist, “I am inspired on seeing how much our planet has been better since the coronavirus came, and how the quarantine helped nature to be better now than we are not interfering that much. Maybe a little dark, but that is what I feel.”

Submission #3: Lisa Coriell

Lisa coriell.jpeg


From the artist, “This represents my thoughts on all our actions. How they impact one another, ourselves, our natural environment, and how what we do to one, or ourselves, we really do to all. This is neither good or bad, but simply what is. That is how nature operates and responds.  But this epidemic has me meditating on this on the daily.

So much more can be said, but at its very essence, I have been thinking of this with respect to our elderly, our children, neighbors and our natural world. This is my visual translation.”

Submission #4:  Amber Tattrie


Spread Love, Not Germs


Submission #5:  Angela Wescott

Angela Wescott

Submission #6: Natalia Kurpiel

Natalia better

From the artist, “I was inspired by the frontline workers who are risking their lives to help others. Many are facing unusually high demands to work long hours while also lacking personal protective equipment. They are also faced with extremely distressing situations and difficult ethical decisions, having to choose between a commitment to help others, a need to make a living to survive, and a commitment to protecting themselves and their loved ones. My thoughts are with them.”

Submission #7: Natalia Kurpiel

Natalia better 2

From the artist, “This represents the surreal and dreamlike feeling of life during a pandemic. The clocks are meant to illustrate the sense of time being an illusion now, due to the disruption of daily routines and patterns, and the inability to plan for the future. The flowers, trees, and fish fins are included to illustrate how the environment is undergoing some positive changes as a result of lowered carbon emissions and pollution levels. ”

Submission #8: Deborah Lin

#7 Deborah Lin

A Season to Blossom

From the artist, “I’m beginning to see that this time, no matter how uncertain, it’s an opportunity to get back to the things I love, the things that fuel me. Use this time to get back to the things you love, that fuel you too. And when you do, don’t forget to nudge the same encouragement to others too.

A flower doesn’t grow any faster by you criticizing it, asking why can’t it grow at the rate you imagined, why doesn’t it look like the flower you imagined it to be. A flower blossoms with gentle care, DAILY water and sunlight. And before you know it, what once occupied no space in the pot took up the whole damn backyard. And you’ll be astounded by its beauty. Your neighbors will be too. But ultimately you’ll be proud. You grew that beautiful flower. You took care of it.

Take care of yourself, be gentle, be kind so that you can do the same for others.”

Submission #9: Caitlin

#8 Caitlin

From the artist, “[this piece] is about the Mainstream Media’s effect on the American People during this time of the pandemic, tearing us apart using fear-mongering and over exaggerating things, instead of reporting what they should be: what the medical professionals are talking about. ”

Submission #10, Manny Davila

#9 Unknown

Not All Heroes Wear Capes


Submission #11: Svetlana Bogomolova

#10 Svetlana

From the artist, “This drawing symbolizes three great powers: The USA, Russia and China. These three countries are fighting against COVID-19. They have united to fight the common enemy and they will certainly win!”


Submission #12: Ginnie L.

#11 Ginnie

Hit Pause

From the artist, “This is a small piece that just reminds us that these uncertain situations can also be a time to hit pause and appreciate the small, beautiful things — like cherry blossoms in spring.”

Submission #13: Reata

Reata Art

Submission #14: Annika


From the artist, “This represents some of the many sides of the pandemic: the comical, exhausting, or tragic situations I’ve heard my own friends and loved ones finding themselves in.  Everybody’s trapped in our separate bubbles–our separate windows–but we’re going through a very intense and very shared experience. Some things we’ve seen throughout this unprecedented time include the re-growth and renewal of nature, separation from loved ones–permanently by death and temporarily by windows and distance–recognizably changed work situations, and people finding unique ways of staying connected (making music together in the driveway or on their porches, or playing games from a distance). 

I sought to capture several of these scenes, as well as the underlying positive attitude I think we’re all feeling: gratitude to those who have kept risking themselves for the sake of others (like the nurse pictured), and love for and bonding with our fellow humans. Love is everywhere! We’re all in this together.”

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  1. I find #14 especially insightful. The artwork is well done, and the subjects of illustration really capture my imagination.

  2. These are all fantastic! But if I have to choose — My first choice is #14. Second choice is #10. Many thanks to all the artists.

  3. My vote is #10 – Portrays the difficult circumstances that our most vulnerable frontline healthcare workers have to face and continue to have compassion & empathy for the families who are affected. Amazing Job!

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