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I am happy to report that there have been a total of thirty-seven separate pieces submitted for the CoV-ART Children’s Art Contest.  The announcement of prizes were made at 12:00pm on April 10th via a Facebook Live at Your Health Forum.

The theme was to develop a positive message related to how we are addressing the COVID-19 pandemic or to instill hope.  Alternatively, a younger child may have decided to use the art to explore how they feel during this time.


Congratulations go to all the children who submitted artwork for the CoV-ART children’s contest! Thanks for the votes; these were factored in with the selections.

First Place ($200): Tyler, Submission #34

Second Place ($75): Matias, Submission #12

Third Place ($50): Kelsey, #7 and Kalea, #5 tied!

Honorable Mentions ($25)

Diana #30
Audrey #18
Steliana #22
Sophia #23
Belle #35
Milo #13
Solomon #2

Congratulations to our winners! It was incredibly difficult to choose between all the beautiful and thoughtful works.

We will communicate with you within 1 week by email. The prizes can be “delivered” via PayPal or Venmo (easiest).

Every entrant will also receive a downloadable link to a free e-book copy of  Pepe Finds His Way ! Every entrant may also have a chance for their artwork to be featured (and the artist credited!) in a future book or compilation.

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this experience with you! Don’t forget to check out our Cov-ART General Contest that is still accepting submissions until April 23rd.

We may decide on running another children’s contest with new submissions in the next few weeks! If you have something that you would like to be included in the gallery, we can place it on the site as well. Just email me at

Christopher Cirino, DO MPH


Here is the video with the announcements (e.g. excuse the sticky notes :))!

Please enjoy the gallery of participants below!

Gallery of Children’s Art Submissions


Submission #1:  Vincent, Age 11

image1 (1)

COVID-19 Storm with Umbrella Protection


Submission #2:  Solomon, Age 9

image2 (1)

We’re not giving up, COVID-19


Submission #3:  Juliette, Age 11

Juliette 11

Welcome to Corona Town


Submission #4:  Emma, Age 9



Submission #5:  Kalea Kosche, Age 14

Kalea 14

Sun Over a Darkened City

Submission #6: Maren, age 15 and Claire, age 7

#6 Maren and Claire MacDonald, ages 15 and 7

Submission #7: Kelsey, Age 13

IMG_7393 (1)

6 Feet Apart but Still Close at Heart

Submission #8: Emma, Age 9

#8 Emma

Bye Bye COVID-19


Submission #9: Juliette, Age 11

#9 Juliette

Submission #10: Enzo, Age 7

#10 Enzo

Don’t Get COVID-19

Submission #11: Jordyn, Age 13

Jordyn 13

Protected by an Umbrella of Hope, Family and Friends


Submission #12: Matias, Age 11

IMG_4507 (2)

Submission #13: Milo, Age 11

#13 Milo

COVID-19 inspired Poem: Spring Has Sprung


Submission #14:  Phoebe, Age 9

#14 Phoebe

Submission #15:  Wyatt, Age 12

#15 Wyatt

Normal Days vs Corona Days

Submission #16: Gus, Age 9

#16 Gus

Inside Versus Outside during COVID-19

Submission #17:  Carly, Age 5

#17 Carly


Submission #18:  Audrey, Age 14



Submission #19:  Jazlene, Age 11


Coronavirus is a Stranger Thing


Submission #20: Hailey, Age 7

#20 Hailey

Towers of Toilet Paper


Submission #21: Paige, Age 5

#21 Paige

Gratitude Wheel

Submission #22: Steliana, Age 11

#22 Steliana

Submission #23: Sophia Orantes, Age 12



Submission #24:  Sophia Orantes, Age 12


Mona Lisa with a roll of TP

Submission #25:  Sophia Orantes, Age 13


Bob Ross-inspired Chalk Art 


Submission #26, Nathan, Age 11


Covid-19 Informational Art

Submission #27, Aiden, Age 7


“The colors stand for my emotions. I feel mad & sad. I mostly feel sad. I drew the virus so everyone know I feel that way because of the virus.”

Submission #28, Melanie, Age 6


“I feel sad, angry, and I could cry that the coronavirus is here, and it could make people very sick or die. I hope people can stay healthy.”


Submission #29:  Mazzy, Age 9


The World is Trapped by Coronavirus

Submission #30:  Diana, Age 11

#30 Diana

Submission #31:  Larry, Age 7

#31 Larry

Submission #32:  Kayden, Age 15

#32 Kayden


Submission #33: Emily, Age 10

#32 Emily

Submission #34: Tyler, Age 13

#33 Tyler

God, Can You Hear Us?


Submission #35: Belle Cirino

Submission #36: Juliette, Age 11


Submission #37: Mykeah, Age 14

#37 Mykeah



News coverage of the CoV-ART  Children’s Art Contest


The Gresham Outlook

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  1. So many great artists out there! It was a tough choice, but we chose according to the theme of the art contest which was to instill hope and show kindness during these times.
    Our top 3 are #7, # 35 and # 30

    Thank you so much for organizing this event!!

  2. First place, #7 … a most caring sentiment … following the rule without losing compassion and kindness

    Second, #32 … can’t be more simple … just wash yo hands

    Third, #10 … simply don’t get sick … best advice

  3. I would rate 18 first and second 23 and 24 is also good. I like 18 because it was eye catching and showed multiple ways to stop the virus..

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