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Dr. Cirino has written on a variety of topics for children’s and adults to educate about health and wellness! Some include:

 Pepe Finds His Way: a story about a young boy who begins to make decisions toward a healthy lifestyle, including eating better and being more active.

 Meike and the Microbiome Bunch: a story about a microscopic journalist and her adventures with the microbiome, bacteria, and other organisms.

Pandemic Cory

Pandemic Cory

COVID book

Nanna After the Stroke

Dear Members, When a loved one faces the challenges of a stroke, he or she benefits from community and family support.  Having a stroke is an isolating experience, when the usual form […]

Detective Sammy and the Sock Thief

Published!  Both E-book and Paperback form on Amazon. Detective Sammy and the Sock Thief by Paola Dominguez-Cirino and Christopher M. Cirino Synopsis:  Sammy is a boy with a big imagination and a […]

Meike and the Microbiome Bunch

A children’s book that teaches about a healthy microbiome and the relationship with bacteria and antibiotics!

Art and the Brain in the age of Pandemics *Future E-Book*

Art Contests

The fact that there was no catastrophic pandemic in recent history does not mean there won’t be another one. And we are certainly not prepared for the next pandemic.  Bill Gates   History […]

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