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Colorectal Cancer Screening: What are the Options?

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Colorectal cancer affects less than 1% of younger adults and is still relatively rare, but the rates are rising globally. In the United States, it is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer […]

Social Media & Mental Health: Taking Back Your Time

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Our time is precious. We often do not realize how quickly it goes as we live it. The way we spend our time can influence our health. Enter social media. It might […]

7 Lifestyle Tips to Boost Your Immune System

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Infectious diseases have been plaguing humans for thousands of years. Since then, people have experienced a variety of illnesses—ranging from minor to complicated to chronic and life-threatening—which are all crucial to their […]

Eating Disorders: The Relationship Between the Brain and Food

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Although food is sustenance, it provides us comfort and alleviates stress. In some individuals, the intake of food, and how it relates to one’s body image, can be a source of stress […]

Your Sex Life: 10 Reasons Why You Should Improve It

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How has your sex life been? Are you having enough? These questions might be too taboo for some people. But you should know that sex is natural, and we all need it. […]

Got Acid? GERD and Its Less Common Presentations

Have you ever had a feeling of burning pain in your chest or throat after having a delicious meal? How about having a sour or bitter taste up into your throat or […]

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