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Julian Dollente

4 Common Smartphone-Related Overuse Injuries and How to Avoid Them

We now live in the internet and smartphone era, making communication a lot easier than before. Social media has made it possible to connect with our friends and millions of other people worldwide, no matter where we are, as long as we have a phone and internet connection. […]

Ayahuasca: The Psychedelic Tea For Your Mental Health

From ancient rituals to modern technology, scientists continue to push boundaries in their quest to provide alternative medicine for various mental health conditions. After years of research, we have witnessed a psychedelic renaissance, with more and more evidence confirming the therapeutic potential of several psychedelic compounds for mental […]

Love Heals: 6 Surprising Health Benefits of Love

As humans, it is our nature to give and accept love, which is one of the greatest feelings on earth. Historical evidence suggests that parent-offspring bonding existed several million years ago. Social connection and loving relationships have always been essential in our evolution. It’s not surprising why people […]

Testosterone Replacement Therapy: 4 Points to Consider

Testosterone deficiency (TD) has been getting attention over the last few years. This is probably due to the increasing age of the male population, the heightened awareness by medical providers, and direct-to-consumer advertising in the media. Coincidently, testosterone clinics have become commonplace, with millions of men worldwide receiving […]

7 Risk Factors Causing Hypogonadism in Men

When you reach a certain age, your brain releases hormones that trigger the start of puberty — the time in life when a boy or girl becomes sexually mature. Meanwhile, sex hormones can help control the development of secondary sexual characteristics, such as testicles in men, breasts in […]

Is Psilocybin a Promising New Therapy for Depression?

A lot has happened these past few years that may have contributed to people’s anxiety and depression more than ever. In fact, about 16 million American adults experience depression every year. Modern medicine has come a long way with the help of research and technology, but typical antidepressants […]

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