Fear in the Age of Coronavirus: Reasons why COVID-19 is hitting our self-preservation nerve

We sat and watched the Chinese government implement its draconian measures on the Wuhan, Hubei province and the rest of the country.  We saw leaks of photos and videos capturing these harrowing times.  Healthcare workers strained to meet the needs of the surge of patients admitted to hospitals that were constructed to meet the emergentContinue reading “Fear in the Age of Coronavirus: Reasons why COVID-19 is hitting our self-preservation nerve”

Patient Information: Protecting Yourself from Viral Infection (Including COVID-19)

During an uncertain time as we realize the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the local communities, here are a few questions and answers regarding the virus and ways in which we can reduce spread:   Why is it called novel “coronavirus”? Coronavirus is named for its appearance of the virus’s outer membrane on electronContinue reading “Patient Information: Protecting Yourself from Viral Infection (Including COVID-19)”

Pandemic COVID-19: Applying Early Lessons Learned

The novelty of the novel COVID-19 outbreak has passed. Sure our imagination that drums up images of viral apocalypse and global chaotic destabilization are simmering. Although the fears are transforming into measured preparedness, there still remains an allure of uncertainty with how this outbreak will affect the rest of the world.    In the wakeContinue reading “Pandemic COVID-19: Applying Early Lessons Learned”

COVID-19: Prelude to a Pandemic

COVID-19 has traveled far and wide from the original outbreak zone in Wuhan China.  Currently, the outbreak has spread to 68 countries (+ 1 cruise ship).  As of March 1st, 2020, there are a total of 89,081 cases with 3,057 deaths.  The rate of new cases in China has steadily dropped, likely due to containmentContinue reading “COVID-19: Prelude to a Pandemic”

COVID-19 Questions and Answers

Now that the COVID-19 outbreak is likely here to stay and will ultimately involve many more places than the 37 countries where cases have been reported, it is a good time to review some questions about the disease process and ways to prepare for the outbreak – coming to a city near you.  This isContinue reading “COVID-19 Questions and Answers”

COVID-19: Tips to Understanding the (Next) Pandemic

An Infectious Diseases Specialist Perspective for Planning for the Next Pandemic   The Emergence of the novel Coronavirus  The caseload of those infected with COVID-19 continues to ascend in an exponential manner in China; with spread mainly with those traveling from the outbreak zone to multiple neighboring and more distant countries, including Germany, France, Italy,Continue reading “COVID-19: Tips to Understanding the (Next) Pandemic”

COVID-19: Can a novel coronavirus epidemic be contained?

A wave of influenza-like illness caused by a novel Coronavirus, now referred to as COVID-19 by the WHO, has swept through a populous area of China. Since December 31, 2019, there have been more than 830 people infected with at least 26 deaths (as of January 23rd, 2020).  Chinese authorities have placed Wuhan, a cityContinue reading “COVID-19: Can a novel coronavirus epidemic be contained?”


  Summary: The 2019-2020 influenza season is off to an early start. Interestingly, the majority of cases have been associated with influenza B. With an increase in influenza-like illness identified in these last few weeks, it is possible that this season could be similar or worse than the 2017-2018 season.  Brace yourselves for an activeContinue reading “FLU SEASON 2019-2020: BRACE YOURSELVES FOR AN ACTIVE SEASON”

The Human Microbiome: Unlocking the Key to Health

What is the microbiome? The word microbiome  describes the trillions of viruses, fungi, and bacteria that live on or within the human body in various habitats such as the skin, mouth, colon and vagina.  Each site has characteristics, including pH, water and oxygen content, temperature, and chemical metabolites, that favor certain bacteria over others.  Our normalContinue reading “The Human Microbiome: Unlocking the Key to Health”

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