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AKA ID Case Report Challenge. This is a collection of in-depth patient case studies from diagnosis to treatment plan to results for the purpose of education.

Case Study: A COVID Patient and Ineffective Therapy

  Care Report: 44 year old female with a history of insulin requiring diabetes mellitus presents with increasing cough, shortness of breath and fever.   History of Present Illness: She reported to the emergency department five days prior to admission with the following symptoms: increased body aches nausea, […]

Case Presentation: 66 year old with persistent cough after 3 weeks ago

In keeping with the recent post on pneumonia, here is a case challenge of a patient with a pulmonary process: 66 year old with a history of Parkinsonism, ongoing tobacco dependence developed head congestion, fevers and cough reports to the Emergency Department: History: -3 weeks ago, symptoms began […]

Answer to Case Report: 55 year old with fever and pelvic pain

Answer: Prostatic abscess (left lobe) secondary to Staphylococcus aureus Question 1: The CT scan demonstrates evidence of swelling of the left lobe of the prostate with what appears to be an early ring-enhancing focus, probable abscess. Question 2: 6/6 blood cultures positive. The Gram stain is consistent with […]

Case Report: 55 year old man with fever and pelvic pain

History of Presenting Illness: 55 year old man with insulin-requiring diabetes mellitus and diabetic polyneuropathy with right foot ulcer presents to the Emergency Department with pain in the suprapubic area radiating into the rectum and shaking chills. He went in a river to fish 4 weeks ago and […]

Answer to Questions: 51 year old man with worsening pneumonia while hospitalized

Question 1: What is being shown on CT scan? The CXR is showing what appears to be air-fluid levels in the right pleural area on the radiograph and is confirmed on the CT scan with fluid and air within the right pleural space. The lung parenchyma of the […]

Case Report: 51 year old man with worsening pneumonia while hospitalized

History 51 yo with increasing shortness of breath, cough and weakness over a period of a few weeks. No previous significant past medical history Low grade fever Works as a custodian and was subjected to a lot of second-hand smoke His initial CXR: Hospital Course Initially placed on […]

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