Category: Educational Case Studies and Reports

AKA ID Case Report Challenge. This is a collection of in-depth patient case studies from diagnosis to treatment plan to results for the purpose of education.

Case Study: A COVID Patient and Ineffective Therapy

  Care Report: 44 year old female with a history of insulin requiring diabetes mellitus presents with increasing cough, shortness of breath and fever.   History of Present Illness: She reported to […]

Case Presentation: 66 year old with persistent cough after 3 weeks ago

In keeping with the recent post on pneumonia, here is a case challenge of a patient with a pulmonary process: 66 year old with a history of Parkinsonism, ongoing tobacco dependence developed […]

Answer to Case Report: 55 year old with fever and pelvic pain

Answer: Prostatic abscess (left lobe) secondary to Staphylococcus aureus Question 1: The CT scan demonstrates evidence of swelling of the left lobe of the prostate with what appears to be an early […]

Case Report: 55 year old man with fever and pelvic pain

History of Presenting Illness: 55 year old man with insulin-requiring diabetes mellitus and diabetic polyneuropathy with right foot ulcer presents to the Emergency Department with pain in the suprapubic area radiating into […]

Answer to Questions: 51 year old man with worsening pneumonia while hospitalized

Question 1: What is being shown on CT scan? The CXR is showing what appears to be air-fluid levels in the right pleural area on the radiograph and is confirmed on the […]

Case Report: 51 year old man with worsening pneumonia while hospitalized

History 51 yo with increasing shortness of breath, cough and weakness over a period of a few weeks. No previous significant past medical history Low grade fever Works as a custodian and […]

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