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AKA ID Case Report Challenge. This is a collection of in-depth patient case studies from diagnosis to treatment plan to results for the purpose of education.

Case Report: An Incidental Finding

What structures are visualized on the H & E stains? The structures are subtle but relate to non-caseating granulomas found in the colonic mucosa What is the special stain that was used and what is shown? The stain is known as a FITE stain which stains the bacterial […]

Case Report: An Incidental Finding

A 62 year old Filipino male is referred to a gastroenterologist by his primary care physician for a screening colonoscopy for colon cancer. He reports no major complaints to the GI doctor, including no fevers, chills sweats. Review of systems: There has been no diarrhea, no weight loss, […]

Case Report Answer: 18 year old with increasing neck mass

Case Report Question: 18 Year Old With Increasing Neck Mass Answer: Neck abscess caused by Fusobacterium necrophorum The patient was found to have an abscess on CT scan 4.7cm x3.8cm x 9cm. Initially mass was aspirated with 10cc of foul-smelling purulence removed. The Gram stain revealed Gram negative […]

Case Report Question: 18 Year Old With Increasing Neck Mass

History of Present Illness: 18 year old female presents with a worsening neck mass over the last few weeks.  Three weeks weeks ago, she reports initially having fevers, aches, chills and severe sore throat. One week ago, she was seen in the clinic for sore throat and neck […]

About: Case of the Month

The Case of the Month features an infectious diseases case related to how a patient would present in the clinic or hospital. After the case summary, questions and comments will follow. A review of the findings with a summary of the disease process will then be added. This […]

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