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The COVID-19 Pandemic has a real effect on all aspects of life and society. From the experts, these evidence-based articles educate on the latest information on the virus as well as how to protect yourself mentally and physically.

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Loss of Smell After COVID: Causes and Implications.

The findings suggest that inflammation induced by COVID-19, and in some cases direct infection, leads to damage of the olfactory bulb


Read at Your Own Risk: Being Media Savvy during COVID-19

Learning to differentiate between facts and myths is vital in the Covid-19 Pandemic, where false information and speculations can misinform people.

Art Contests

Art and the Brain in the age of Pandemics *Future E-Book*

The fact that there was no catastrophic pandemic in recent history does not mean there won’t be another one. And we are certainly not prepared for the next pandemic.  Bill Gates   History never looks like history when you are living through it.  It always looks confusing and messy, […]


YHF Conferences Online

Over the last few years, Dr. Christopher Cirino has provided direct group conferencing at various locations in Portland, Oregon.  Dr. Cirino will begin to feature his health and wellness conferences online.  The goal of these conferences is to provide general, yet substantive health advice to the general audience.  […]

Kid-Friendly Quarantine Activity: Gardening!

By Ginnie Lin Like one of the young artists said in our children’s art contest, “Spring has Sprung!” Although COVID-19 and shelter-in-place orders have changed our daily routines dramatically, Mother Nature’s schedule is still right on track. In the Pacific Northwest, this means sunny weather, blooming flowers and […]

Achieving Weight Loss

Nurturing the Resilient Spirit: Ways to support Mental Wellness During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Summary:    The COVID-19 Pandemic is an unprecedented event that requires a rift in the societal fabric in order to stop its spread.  This forced isolation, along with the threats on financial and health security, can create pressures on those already with a history of depression and anxiety and […]

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