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Over the last few years, Dr. Christopher Cirino has provided direct group conferencing at various locations in Portland, Oregon.  Dr. Cirino will begin to feature his health and wellness conferences online.  The goal of these conferences is to provide general, yet substantive health advice to the general audience.  In many ways going to a clinic to get health advice when a problem exists is like trying to construct a flood-plan for your house after it has flooded.  A physician can really fulfill a greater as a facilitator and coach toward personal health empowerment.  Health empowerment is about supporting our lives, navigating the path of distorted our self-defeating beliefs and unhealthy adaptations toward optimal health of brain (a resilient narrative, mindfulness strategies and knowledge of behavior), of body (physical fitness cardiovascular and muscular) and of environment (healthy friendships and safe, healthy, productive living spaces).

Below are a few lectures that you can listen to at home and on your spare time:


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  1.  Ways in Which to Protect Yourself from Severe COVID-19.

This talk was given to the Stroke Focus Group on Friday April 24, 2020.  Dr. Cirino gives an overview of COVID-19 infection and reviews risk groups that were identified.  He discusses the immune system components and the association of the immune system and vascular health.  He then discusses key points in optimal health that provide protection from severe infections, including from COVID-19.




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2.  Journey to Mindfulness I:  Reality is all in our Mind’s Eye   

This talk  discusses the interactions of our nervous system with our body and how our brain perceives actions using constructs that are already programmed in the brain.  By gaining a greater understanding of the reasons that this occurs, we can make the next step toward a mindful state – a life filled with gratitude, creativity and uniqueness.




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3.  Journey to Mindfulness II:  It all starts with the First Step

Taking from what was discussed in the first talk or watched by itself, the next step is to understanding the reason why behaviors are so challenging to shape and mold toward your best future self.  How can our perception skew our reality?  What does it mean to be mindful?  What are some ways that we can add the concepts of mindfulness in our life – every day – every moment?


4.  Interview with Jacqueline Jannotta Rothenberg founder of Becoming Better People and Author of  “Let’s Leave The Country!  A Guide to Your Family Year Abroad”  where we tackle issues from cognitive distortion, how to evaluate a reputable source, the future after COVID-19 and global community.  COMING SOON


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