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Now available as a speaker for your next meeting and medical writing requests.

My name is Dr. Christopher Cirino. I have been a physician for more than 20 years. My specialties include internal medicine, infectious diseases, and public health.

The majority of health problems in a presenting patient a physician sees in the clinic are linked to behavior. I quickly learned how feeble available medications are for these health problems compared to the effectiveness of health empowerment and working toward behavior. The average clinic visit doesn’t afford much time to delve into these areas. As a result of this, I explored the option of reaching out to patients more directly through direct patient coaching and volunteerism. This blog is a result of these efforts and will serve as an online meeting place for those interested. All will be invited to participate in this process, so that we can learn how to optimize health.

Whether you would like to join us on the blog or meet with me at a local symposium or Shinrin-yoku walk, I look forward to act as a facilitator on your health journey.

I am also available for speaking engagements and medical writing. Contact me for further inquiries regarding fees and scheduling. For interest in how you can submit a post to build this site,
contact me at 503-994-1927.

You can find me on Meetup and Instagram at Your Health Forum, Facebook at @yourhealthforum or
Twitter @ccirino.