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Christopher M. Cirino, DO MPH
Founder Your Health Forum

My name is Dr. Christopher Cirino. I have been a physician for more than 20 years. My specialties include internal medicine, infectious diseases, and public health.

After finishing college with a bachelor’s in microbiology and minor in American literature, I went directly to medical school – well almost – I took a two month backpacking trip around Europe and got to learn a lot about myself and others through the process!

As a teenager, I was influenced by New Age literature and music, alternative medicine and was very interested in Dr. Deepak Chopra’s writings. I used to work at a library, so had a chance to delve into these subjects during my high school years. I chose a career path in Osteopathic Medicine, because I felt that it might provide a background or opportunities to explore health and wellness more deeply than traditional medical schools. After all, a few of the the tenets of Osteopathic medicine involve finding health and that the body is capable of healing itself.

I spent medical school in a problem-based track, where students learn about health topics through self-guided research followed by group discussion and instruction. This opportunity helped me to nurture a love for education in a group discussion format – similar to the format of my current health symposia.

During medical school, I had the opportunity to travel to Kenya, the Gambia and Costa Rica for electives. Each of these experiences opened my eyes to public health and the importance of looking “upstream” for risk factors, instead of waiting until the disease is present. In these resource-poor settings, injuries led to infected wounds and water and food scarcity placed one’s life at risk.

Following medical school, I received approximately 4 years of residency with a 2 year interval in between residency and fellowship, where I received my MPH and worked at the GWUMC as an instructor, with a year as a physician at a student health center. I returned to GWUMC for my fellowship in infectious diseases. My interest in HIV and tropical medicine attracted me to the more specialized training.

I practiced in Erie for three years and then moved out to Portland, where I currently reside and practice in a few different settings – one – as infectious diseases specialist and the other – as public health officer.

Inception of Your Health Forum

The majority of health problems in a presenting patient a physician sees in the clinic are linked to behavior. I quickly learned how feeble available medications are for these health problems compared to the effectiveness of health empowerment and working toward behavior. The average clinic visit doesn’t afford much time to delve into these areas. As a result of this, I explored the option of reaching out to patients more directly through direct patient coaching and volunteerism.

This blog is a result of these efforts and will serve as an online meeting place for those interested. All will be invited to participate in this process, so that we can learn how to optimize health.

Whether you would like to join us on the blog or meet with me at a local symposium or Shinrin-yoku walk, I look forward to act as a facilitator on your health journey.

I am also available for speaking engagements and medical writing. Contact me for further inquiries regarding fees and scheduling. For interest in how you can submit a post to build this site,
contact me at 503-461-8171

You can find me on Meetup and Instagram at Your Health Forum, Facebook at @yourhealthforum or
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