(2nd) CoV-ART Children’s Art Contest



The 2nd CoV-ART Children’s Art Contest


Congratulations to all of the children involved in this art contest.  Each and every one of you has contributed to make this contest a platform and the success that it was!  Your Health Forum thanks the many schools and art teachers that supported this contest as well!

First Place Prize:  #46 Parthi                $300

Second Place Prize:  #38 Rowan          $200

Third Place Prize: #42 Yara                 $100

Fan favorite: #36 Emma                       $50

YHF Honorable Mentions:                   $25

#4 Dulcinea, #5 Jovanna, #23 Gauri B., #35 Hailey L. , #41 Margaret B., #44 Sophia O., #7 Vika, and #3 Deepshika (in no specific order)


Submission #1: Mykeah W., Age 14

#37 Mykeah


Submission #2: Finley, Age 5

#2 Finley

Submission #3: Deepshikha, Age 10

#3 DeepshikhaDe

From the artist, “My name is Deepshikha De and I am a 10 year old girl from India. I have drawn a painting to show my gratitude to the countless medics that are fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Submission #4: Dulcinea, Age 13


Submission #5: Jovanna, Age 11


Submission #6: Sunshine Early Childcare Center

This childcare center is considered essential as they provide childcare for essential workers. They regularly do art projects with kids, even for toddlers! They let kids play with finger paints or stamp their hands and feet with paint to make art.


Submission #7, Vika, Age 16

Vika Litvishkova

Submission #8, Julia, Age 14

Julia Larkin

Submission #9-16, Shoreline Middle School

Pieces from Kate Mullikin’s art class during this long-distance learning period. More pieces from her class can be found here.


Submission #9, Kylie. Kylie is graduating with honors this June.


Submission #10, Eli. Eli is also graduating this June.

Daniel Cruz

Submission #11, Daniel C., 6th grade


david hernandez shoreline grade 8

Submission #12, David H., 8th grade


Sofia diaz-hernandez grade 6 shoreline

Submission #13, Sofia D., 6th grade


shoreline rustle brewington 8th grade

Submission #14, Rustle B., 8th grade


Angela Cuevas 6th grade art contest shoreline

Submission #15, Angela C., 6th grade


aurora espinoza 8th grade art contest

Submission #16, Aurora E., 8th grade


Submission #17, Kylie A.

Kylie A


Submission #18, Zaid, Age 16

Zaid Turgeon

Zaid is a disabled 16 year old boy from Wilton NH. His picture is three tractor trailers because he says they are not as recognized as the medical community. Each truck has a flag. Spain, USA and China. He shows the trucks driving day and night and bad weather conditions. He loves Toy Story so he put Lots of Love Bear on the grill of the ISA truck.


Submission #19, Sophia, Age 12

Sophia Orantes

Submission #20, Laila, Lake Oswego Junior High School

Submissions #21-#33, West Sylvan Middle School

Pieces from Anne Larsen’s art class during this long-distance learning period.

Framing Your Perspective Project:  We are all shut in now, so let’s see what we all see–looking out, looking through, and looking inward.  The shapes represent how we are feeling; what we see through those viewfinders represents all the beauty there is in life.

Perspective Oliver H Through the Keyhole

Submission #21, Through the Keyhole, Oliver H.


Perspective Hailey C

Submission #22, Hailey C.


Perspective Gauri B

Submission #23, Gauri B.


Masterspoofs Project:  Even if we can’t go to the museum to look at art, we can explore works online.  Even if we don’t have all of our beautiful art supplies, we can make a version of inspirational art using whatever is lying around the house!

Masterspoof Yetta

Submission #24, Yetta


Masterspoof Rose KR

Submission #25, Rose KR


Masterspoof Maia S.

Submission #26, Maia S.


Masterspoof Fedor S.

Submission #27, Fedor S.


Masterspoof Ella C.

Submission #28, Ella C.


Masterspoof Clark V

Submission #29, Clark V.


Masterspoof Chloe Z

Submission #30, Chloe Z.


Masterspoof Cameron M.

Submission #31, Cameron M.


Masterspoof Biancastella B

Submission #32, Biancastella B.


Masterspoof Amy K

Submission #33, Amy K.


Submission #34, Taylor S., Lake Oswego Junior High

taylor sheldon

Submission #35, Hailey L., Lake Oswego Junior High

Hailey Lim

Faith over Fear


Submission #36, Emma N., Age 12

Submission #37, Allison M., Age 13

allison marshall

Pollution and Now

From the artist, “I based it on a photo where I saw the Gate of India polluted with smoggy air and then I saw a photo of what the Gate of India looked like now with no pollution! I thought it would be nice to incorporate how the world is doing with Covid19. This piece also means a quite a bit to me as my friend Tansa had to move to India since her green card expired. “

Submission #38, Rowan D., Age 13

Art Contest Rowan

From the artist, “My piece is of some people who are all trapped on their own islands, all floating 6 feet apart, who want to be free, but cannot be, since they are all in locked boxes, representing quarantine, which can only be unlocked with a key that is so far away, and not within their locked boxes, which symbolizes the vaccine, which we cannot help the development of, since most of us are not scientists.”

Submission #39, Jack M., Age 12

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Surviving to the End

Submission #40, Arianna R., Age 12

art contest arriana

See the Good in Everything


Submission #41, Margaret B., Age 17

art contest margaret

Cycle of Life

Submission #42, Yara K., Age 13

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Submission #43, Taeyon A., Age 12

art contest taeyeon

Submission #44, Sophia O., Age 12

art contest sophia

Submission #45, Geng (Andy) H., Age 11

art contest andy

Our Future is in Your Hands


Submission #46, Parthi J., Age 12

Parthi Jain art contest

Submission #47, Jack S., 7th grade

Jack 7thgrade

From the artist, “I call it Fuzzybrain because I’ve been a little lost and confused in this whirlwind of events but art has helped clear my mind.”

Submission #48, Valerie, age 10


From the artist, ” [I] did a paper cut out art piece and put 2 figures in a Corona Virus  as a ying-yang. I wanted to show how there is good and bad in this situation. There is one figure that is upset and another comforting. It is unclear who the figures are and what their relationship is because we are all affected by this. We are all in this together, the faded hearts hearts in the background represent things people had their heart on such as graduations, weddings, recitals, and more. The hearts are cracked but not completely broken, They will mend. We will be able to do the things in the heart just not now…we must be patient.”

Submission #49, Erika, age 7

Erika 1

From the artist, “[I] wanted to do something 3-D. It’s a clay Corona Virus with a mean face because it is causing so much trouble in everyone’s lives. I used tacks to make it’s spikes. Tacks represent things that we use to attach important things on a bulletin board. Spikes on the virus work the same way by attaching themselves to our cells. On the ends of the tacks are the things that are important to us like school, recitals, class trips, and more. These things are on hold due to Covid 19. But I’m hopeful that once there is a vaccine, these things will be released and we will be able to do them again.”

Submission #50, Holly M., age 6

A painting with red, orange, and pink stripes.


Submission #51, Sonia G., Age 12

Sonia G

We Can All Be Heroes

Submission #52-54, George Middle School

Submitted by their art teacher, Natalie Mew.

Submission #52, “I am”, Johana M-P, age 14



Submission #53, “My Masssk”, Yaritza M., Age 14

Samantha Bricker

Submission #54, “Yearning”, Sam B., Age 13

Submission #55, Zia, 6th grade

Zia Grade 6


Submission #56, Brycen B., Age 5


“Love is All”


Submission #57, Paitynn B., Age 8



“Because They Care”

Submission #58, Noelle P., Age 12


“So Little To Do, But So Much To Think About”

Submission #59, Casey R., Age 12

casey r

“Keyhole”, Casey is also a part of Natalie Mew’s art class of George Middle School


Submission #60 Luisa Marina Sanchez Lopez, age 12

“Juntos saldremos adelante” (Together we will get ahead), Luisa is a part of Natalie Mew’s art class of George Middle School

Reminder when voting: please comment your TOP THREE favorite submissions (example: “Submission #1, #2, and #3 are my votes!”). Thanks!

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