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Finding Wellness *Future book*

A doctor’s job is to find health, anyone can find disease.”

A.T. Still.  Founder of Osteopathic Medicine.


Your Health Forum is pleased to announce the preparation of a health book entitled Finding Wellness:  A Journey toward Understanding Health and Disease.

I spent many years working “against the grain,” promoting health and behavior change in the clinic, and running late most of the time, trying to go one step further.  While it was clear that behavior is the source of most chronic diseases, even disease states such as “Obesity” weren’t always recognized with enough emphasis.  Over the ensuing decades, from the 80’s until now, obesity has become a growing problem, not only in the United States but throughout the world.  And this hasn’t occurred by accident.

In search of ways to address health risk factors, I embarked on a journey which led me to the concept of this book and the development of Your Health Forum.  The book will discuss how traditional western views of the body, strongly based on reductionism, could benefit from a holism approach.  This often requires thinking “outside the box” of the traditional scientific method, and developing new ways to look at systems. I will articulate on the fractal model and how it inherently offers insight to how our bodies function, both in health and disease. I will explore how disease and aging alter structure, and consequently the function, of a healthy system, from the molecular level to the visible.

I invite you to join me on this journey, both in the blog and these future book publications:  to find wellness in your life and to share this with others.


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  1. I’m looking forward to buying and reading your book. While the western model of medicine has given us so much in treating disease (in many ways we owe our lives to the scientific advances in this model), it hasn’t seemed to have embraced the growing trend towards wellness. A book that looks at both views and helps lead us to greater health is needed and I look forward to considering your perspectives, learning and growing into optimal health.

    • Thanks for your comments, Tina. This is a topic that I hope empowers all of us. We spend too much time trying to “fix” and too little time trying to “heal” from inside or encourage behavior responsibility and resilience. The body already takes care of most of our health needs for us. We just have to allow it to flow, free the shame, and live with it in the “now.”

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