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Green Bean Pesto “Pasta” Recipe

Nature provides a palette of foods for all palates. If your only adventure into eating green beans is opening a can of green beans with vinegar and (more) salt, prepare yourself for […]

YHF Conferences Online


Over the last few years, Dr. Christopher Cirino has provided direct group conferencing at various locations in Portland, Oregon.  Dr. Cirino will begin to feature his health and wellness conferences online.  The […]

New: Nutrition and Natural Food Recipes

The food that becomes our regular intake (e.g. “the diet”) is one of the most influential contributors to optimal health.  In this time of a fast-food, snack-food culture, the quality of our […]

Kid-Friendly Quarantine Activity: Gardening!

By Ginnie Lin Like one of the young artists said in our children’s art contest, “Spring has Sprung!” Although COVID-19 and shelter-in-place orders have changed our daily routines dramatically, Mother Nature’s schedule […]

Ways to Move Toward Health and Away from Severe COVID-19

  *****Ways in Which we can protect ourselves from severe COVID-19 disease***** Now a one hour zoom conference on the immune system and health and wellness     It is our first […]

Community Spotlight on Neighborhood “Art Galleries”

Community Spotlight on Neighborhood “Art Galleries”  by Ginnie Lin These days, we see a lot more of our neighbors out and about, trying to social distance but also trying to stave off […]

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