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In a Nutshell: Making Sleep a Health Priority

Get the best out of your sleep Good sleep is a necessity for the healthy functioning of the mind and body.  It is also one of the things that we can forcibly deprive ourselves.  Ideally, we spend one-third of our lives asleep.  Improving your sleep quality can be […]

The Microbiome In A Nutshell: 4 Interesting Facts

Make a Home for Your Microbiome A Healthy Microbiome is Protective Your microbiome/microbiota refers to the trillions of microbes that reside inside and outside your body.  Human cells are outnumbered by the bacterial cell population.  The highest source of bacteria in the body is within the large intestines.  […]

Contemplating Behavior Change? When to Know You are Ready

Understanding your readiness for behavior change: I have included a revised post to refer to when thinking about the YHF discussion community board. I found out very early in parenting that even if you point out an unhealthy behavior in your child, the only way that they are […]

The Fractal Whisperer: Musings on health

What is “healthy” and would you know it if you saw it? From nature, we gather our understanding of life and how our environment affects us.  We develop insights or “laws” – of gravity, entropy and heavenly bodies, through the observations we make in the world around us.  […]

A brief discussion of our daily (genetic) expression of self

I hope everyone takes some time out each and every day to appreciate and marvel at the wonderful miracle that is your life. Isn’t it fascinating that all of our cells have the DNA which define how the entire system works? It is only through various cell signals […]

YHF Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Your Health ForumThese terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Your Health Forum’s Website. Your Health Forum is located at: 22395 SW Chilkat Terrace Tualatin 97062 – Oregon , United States Hyperlinking to our Content IframesWithout prior approval and express written […]

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