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Community Spotlight on Neighborhood “Art Galleries”

Community Spotlight on Neighborhood “Art Galleries”  by Ginnie Lin These days, we see a lot more of our neighbors out and about, trying to social distance but also trying to stave off cabin fever. Whether taking animals out for a walk or biking around with stir-crazy kids, people […]

Smartphone Overuse: When a Tool Becomes an Obstacle and 6 Ways to Address It.

Introduction: Smartphone Overuse While a smartphone can be a tremendous tool to allow us to venture virtually out of our houses and connect with distant family, it can also be emotionally isolating, physically harmful for us, and a disconnect to the family in house.  What most people don’t […]

Achieving Weight Loss

Nurturing the Resilient Spirit: Ways to support Mental Wellness During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Summary:    The COVID-19 Pandemic is an unprecedented event that requires a rift in the societal fabric in order to stop its spread.  This forced isolation, along with the threats on financial and health security, can create pressures on those already with a history of depression and anxiety and […]

Spillover and COVID: Igniting the Spark and How Zoonotic Viruses Jump Species

Key Points Answered in this Article 1. What constitutes a spillover? 2. What are the contributing factors? 3. How does SARS-CoV-2 cause infection in human pneumocytes 4. What are the contributing factors to more severe disease. The United States prepares itself for the impact of COVID-19  that will […]

Media Coverage featuring Dr. Cirino, Founder Your Health Forum

As an infectious diseases physician, Dr. Cirino has been asked for consultative advice regarding the COVID-19 epidemic.  Below are some media appearances that Dr. Cirino has had on news, online newspapers, and podcasts for this and other infectious diseases issues in the last few years:   COVID-19 updates: […]

Aromatherapy: More than meets the Nose?

Keypoints: This post will review the basic science of smell and summarize research supporting that certain aromas may trigger specific neurotransmitters that effect positive moods and reduce the sensation of pain. Aromatherapy: Introduction The reaction to smell is dichotomous, as personal as it is universal. Though, I imagine […]

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