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Alcohol: The World’s Most Harmful Drug

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Alcohol: The Most Harmful Drug, and It’s Legal! Alcohol has been consumed since ancient times. It has served the people a variety of purposes throughout all history. The reason why drinkers choose […]

Loss of Smell After COVID: Causes and Implications.

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The findings suggest that inflammation induced by COVID-19, and in some cases direct infection, leads to damage of the olfactory bulb

The Impact of Mindfulness on Stress and Behavior: A Neuroscience Approach

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Patterns generate other patterns, and habits lead to other habits. It is important to consider that our thoughts lead to actions and how these actions lead to practices that influence the body and mind.

Forging Behaviors: Adaptations in the Past Relate to Your Health

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Introduction: Behaviors are Conserved Behavior is a complex process and often defies our ability to understand it completely. When a patient comes into the office for a medical condition, behavior is not […]

Exploring the Neuroscience of Altruism

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Pay it forward for your optimal health and for the benefit of the community’s health!

5 Life Lessons for a Profound Existence

A Radical Life: 5 Life Lessons We are often told that life is a journey. When we fall, we must pick up ourselves and continue toward a destination. Many of us have […]

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