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Christopher Cirino

I am a board certified physician trained in infectious diseases and internal medicine. This site will feature health issues as they relate to infectious diseases, behavior and finding wellness.

In a Nutshell: 5 Steps to Prevent a Stroke

Worldwide, it is estimated that 15 million people have a stroke each year; among these one-third die and one-third are left with a significant disability. Fortunately, it cannot be said that having a stroke was just “a stroke of bad luck.”  Multiple health conditions are associated with strokes, […]

The Living Book Project: Sample

An example of a writing section for our Living Book Project. Feel free to consult this to learn more about the format!

Calling for Children’s Art for Stroke Awareness EXTENDED

In partnership with the NW Brain Network, we want to accept children’s art submissions to increase stroke awareness and advocacy! Winners will see their work encouraging stroke patients and receive cash prizes

The Living Book Project

A project that YHF is doing for the very first time! We want to invite young artists and writers to participate in creating a sequential book that will eventually be published..

Meike and the Microbiome Bunch *New Book Release*

A children’s book that teaches about a healthy microbiome and the relationship with bacteria and antibiotics!


Read at Your Own Risk: Being Media Savvy during COVID-19

Learning to differentiate between facts and myths is vital in the Covid-19 Pandemic, where false information and speculations can misinform people.

Overcoming Cravings with Healthy Snacking 101

Overcoming Cravings with Healthy Snacking 101 Whether you are attempting weight loss or just looking to maintain, healthy snacking is an integral part what you eat. Earlier on in my personal journey, snacking became a place holder to eat the foods that I craved.  Let’s face it, with […]

Step out and view nature and you'll get a better idea of why your body is the way it is

COVID and Living situations: Quarantine Buddies, Shelter Lovers, and Lending a Friend in Need a Living Space

We are nearing a slow release of social isolation measures.  When these measures were enacted by states in early March, there was never a concrete time limit or end-date announced when a sudden abrupt change in our routine occurred.  The exit strategy is slowly materializing and will likely […]

Art Contests

Art and the Brain in the age of Pandemics *Future E-Book*

The fact that there was no catastrophic pandemic in recent history does not mean there won’t be another one. And we are certainly not prepared for the next pandemic.  Bill Gates   History never looks like history when you are living through it.  It always looks confusing and messy, […]

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