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Christopher Cirino, DO, MPH

I began my career as a physician more than 20 years ago to provide quality, evidence-based care. My training was in infectious diseases and internal medicine, for which I am board-certified. In 2019, I formed Your Health Forum to "get the doctor and the patient out of the clinic" and to start collaborating on nurturing positive behaviors to protect against chronic diseases.

Becoming Tomorrow's Doctor is scheduled for publication on March 31, 2022. The website was created to highlight topics that current and future doctors will need to consider in their practice.

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The Most Common Thyroid Disease: A Deeper Look

by Christopher M. Cirino, DO MPH and Julian Dollente, RN. The endocrine systems consist of multiple tissues, organs, and glands distributed throughout the body. It interacts with the immune system. While the body employs the immune system to protect from foreign invaders, it sometimes attacks the body’s cells, […]

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Musings on the Brain: Understanding Behaviors

Introduction: Life with a Brain I write an ode to the brain in this article. We live in a world where constant forces require that we must counteract or succumb. We stand against the force of gravity taking us down. We seek shelter from the wind and rain […]

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What are the best non-medical treatments for chronic pain?

What is an evidence-based way to address chronic musculoskeletal pain without medications? Short answer: A Multi-Pronged Approach Including Movement, Stress Management, Low Carbohydrate Diet, Optimal Weight, and Optimal Sleep Introduction: What is the Burden of Chronic Pain? We carry through life the sum-total of trauma to our brains […]

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What is the Best Diet to Lose Weight?

Choosing the best diet for you is a lot like a labyrinth; it’s easy to get lost and sometimes it requires trial-and-error.

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Fasting: Are There Health Benefits?

Fasting is gaining increasing attention as a potential method to optimize weight and reverse insulin resistance. Can fasting be a helpful practice on the road to optimal health? Here is a quick overview on fasting, types of fasting, and benefits. Early Studies on Mechanism of Fasting We owe […]

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Erectile Dysfunction: Harder to Get Hard?

There are benefits in reversing chronic disease states that lead to improved functioning in all vascular tissues – including the penis!

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