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Stephanie M. Edwards, MBA, PsyD (ABD)

I am a Chicago native. I have studied the life sciences, community health, sociology, business administration, and psychology, and I have a broad range of employment experiences, including several that have focused on developing people and providing them with the resources they need or desire to live healthy, well-adjusted lives. I am currently a homeschooling parent, and I work independently. I enjoy spending time with my daughter, catching up with friends, listening to music, singing, making jewelry, creating art designs for my Redbubble online artist's shop, taking dance classes, and watching gymnastics, ice skating, extreme sports, basketball, and boxing.

desert sand

Reflections on Health Disparities: Food Deserts and Living with Diabetes

by Stephanie M. Edwards, MBA, PsyD (ABD), Edited by Christopher Cirino, DO MPH Food Deserts: Introduction What one consumes shapes their health. However, access to quality and affordable food is not a given. While the majority of US households (88%) have reliable access and regular intake of food, […]

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Faith Healing: Do You Believe?

by Stephanie M. Edwards, MBA, PsyD (ABD) Dear Readers, The power of belief is a fascinating area of exploration, a field that bridges faith with the physiologic basis of the body’s ability to heal itself. Scientists have been captivated by two effects: the placebo effect and the nocebo […]

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