Dr. Christopher M. Cirino will begin to feature a few of his conferences online regarding health and wellness.  Below represents a few health conferences that you can listen to at home and on your time:


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1.   Ways into Protect Yourself from Severe COVID-19.

This talk was given to the Stroke Focus Group on Friday April 24, 2020.  Dr. Cirino gives an overview of COVID-19 infection and reviews risk groups that were identified.  He discusses the immune system components and the association of the immune system and vascular health.  He then discusses key points in optimal health that provide protection from severe infections, including from COVID-19.




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2.  The Mind’s Eye:  Understanding the Blind Spots and Shaping the Future You

Our neural circuitry enables quick thoughts and actions, often before our consciousness can interpret underlying meaning.  These actions fall in our “blindspot,” which can lead us away from healthy relationships and wellness.  Dr. Cirino will explores the many ways that our central processing system the brain receives inputs from the environment and projects a perceived reality.  He discusses how understanding the concept of neuroplasticity can empower one toward a path to your best future self.  Additonal remarks/question section


3.  The Mind’s Eye:  Pathway to Mindfulness


4.  What is a Pandemic? (5th grade presentation)

This is an interview of Dr. Cirino by Mrs. Danielle Forrest.  Dr. Cirino provided this talk for children who may have questions about the current COVID-19 pandemic.

  • What is a pandemic?
  • How does a virus spillover from one animal to another?
  • Describe the sequence of events in COVID-19?
  • What are the steps to re-opening?


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