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Welcome to Your Health Forum

The objective of Your Health Forum is to provide readers with helpful tools in which to construct a path toward wellness. The premise of this site is founded on the notion that the body adapts to the environment with which it interacts. Within this, lies the context for health and disease. When we embark on a journey to health, such as after we face disease, we acknowledge this adaptation and work toward the goal of liberating our present decisions from the past entanglements.

The health system provides medications, which, although helpful and sometimes necessary, counteract the body’s natural adaptations, leading to side effects. Although prevention of disease is ideal, sometimes we find ourselves grappling with health issues, only to begin to realize that health is a decision that requires behavior change.

Just as an individual may begin a weight training program to improve their muscle mass, so too can they start a journey into consciousness and mindfulness and away from instinct and cognitive distortion. Welcome to Your Health Forum, a starting point or check-point to your journey to health!

Dr. Cirino is developing the Your Health Forum Podcast. For the latest episodes, click on the link below or refer to Spotify or other podcast programs.

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