On the climb to wellness: Surpassing health and fitness plateaus

”The summit is what drives us, but the climb itself is what matters.” – Conrad Anker  Wellness is an ever-allusive journey.  The moment that you think you learned about yourself in a way that leads closer to health, something comes up again that gets in the way.  The […]

Sleep Disorders Are Not Always Known

In a Nutshell: Treat Sleep Apnea Seriously and Get Better Sleep

Refer to the Exploring Sleep and Wellness post for a summary.   When to suspect Apnea or other Sleep Disorder If you are not depriving yourself of sleep and notice the following: Even though you are getting at least 7 hours of sleep, you do not feel well-rested. […]

The Scoop on Sleep

Identifying and Addressing the Issues With Sleep Hygiene Have you noticed that your sleep isn’t as restful as it used to be? Either you wake up in the middle of the night, can’t get to sleep, or wake up too early. There are many ways that poor sleep […]

The Unstoppable Determination of the Mind

“The most effective way to do it is to do it.” Amelia Earhart   We all have had times when we were so afraid of the possibility of failure, that it stifled us from even taking a chance to try… failing before we start. This could lead to […]

Growing Concern in Health Care Workers over Measles Outbreaks

The outbreaks of measles largely in the Northeast and Northwest are a glimpse to a larger problem:  the breakdown in vaccination programs.  Worldwide, there has been a significant increase in caseload of measles.  Countries with the highest rates of measles and the most challenges to vaccination infrastructure include the Philippines, […]

Increase in flu cases over the last few weeks nationwide: peak flu season

The link to an interview of me and Sarah from Channel 12 Portland – article and video – on the uptick of influenza cases locally in Portland. Yes – I said it — it’s fist-bumping season! Regionally and nationally, we are approaching peak flu season. This current surge […]


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woman sitting while showing heart sign hands

Zoe P

While there are so many voices in the world right now that would seek to offer advice and instructions about our health, there are few that provide a consistent balance of ‘head and heart.’ Your Health Forum remedies that problem.

Zoe P

I was fortunate to find Dr. Cirino’s movement fairly early on during the pandemic and was undeniably impressed with his multifaceted approach to health, healing and well-being. From his blog posts to his books, it was immediately apparent that he offered a level of unparalleled care along with incredibly valuable content. As a busy working woman who is largely in charge of care for my mother, my daughter and myself, I was drawn to the broad appeal of Dr. Cirino’s topics across various circumstances, health situations and life stages. Perhaps most of all I love how brilliant yet accessible the material is much like the man himself. Dr. Cirino is a treasure and a wonderful resource who offers decades of training, knowledge and experience to those who are fortunate to find him as I was and he does so with that profoundly impactful balance of ‘head and heart.’ With Gratitude, Zoe P.

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