Case Report: An Incidental Finding

What structures are visualized on the H & E stains? The structures are subtle but relate to non-caseating granulomas found in the colonic mucosa What is the special stain that was used and what is shown? The stain is known as a FITE stain which stains the bacterial […]

Case Report: An Incidental Finding

A 62 year old Filipino male is referred to a gastroenterologist by his primary care physician for a screening colonoscopy for colon cancer. He reports no major complaints to the GI doctor, including no fevers, chills sweats. Review of systems: There has been no diarrhea, no weight loss, […]

In a Nutshell: Nature Therapy

Your Doctor has recommended Nature Therapy: Name_____________________________                  Date________ Rx: Nature Sig:  Take one walk in nature 30 minutes to 1 hour daily 5 days per week Refills: Unlimited X_________________________________________   Known Benefits of Nature Therapy, or Forest Bathing, on Health Reduce blood pressure and resting heart rate Improve diabetes […]

Shinrin-yoku: Health Benefits of Nature

You may have been witness to a developing phenomenon in your local park. It may be a small group interacting with nature, touching bark and moss, smelling the air as they huddle together, sitting down meditating or making yoga poses in the park. What is this action? Is […]

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Aging and the Brain: 10 Ways to Protect It

September is Alzheimer’s disease awareness month. Many of you may know friends or family members in their seventies or older and are developing signs of mental slowing, mild cognitive dysfunction, or already have Alzheimer’s disease. I have seen the same changes in my parents as well. As Your […]

The Power of Love in Recovery: the neuroscience of addiction

The basis of our life is that we are driven toward things that provide us pleasure and away from things that cause us harm. These can be realized or construed in multiple ways — something could bring an immediate feeling of pleasure or a slow return of satisfaction […]


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Zoe P

While there are so many voices in the world right now that would seek to offer advice and instructions about our health, there are few that provide a consistent balance of ‘head and heart.’ Your Health Forum remedies that problem.

Zoe P

I was fortunate to find Dr. Cirino’s movement fairly early on during the pandemic and was undeniably impressed with his multifaceted approach to health, healing and well-being. From his blog posts to his books, it was immediately apparent that he offered a level of unparalleled care along with incredibly valuable content. As a busy working woman who is largely in charge of care for my mother, my daughter and myself, I was drawn to the broad appeal of Dr. Cirino’s topics across various circumstances, health situations and life stages. Perhaps most of all I love how brilliant yet accessible the material is much like the man himself. Dr. Cirino is a treasure and a wonderful resource who offers decades of training, knowledge and experience to those who are fortunate to find him as I was and he does so with that profoundly impactful balance of ‘head and heart.’ With Gratitude, Zoe P.

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