In a Nutshell: The Last Diet

  Tips in Addressing your Dietary intake Water is for hydrating and should be your go-to drink We tend to not drink enough water There is no great benefit in calorie counting; when you eat whole foods, you can generally eat more (1 bag of spinach = calories of […]

Case Report: 55 year old man with fever and pelvic pain

History of Presenting Illness: 55 year old man with insulin-requiring diabetes mellitus and diabetic polyneuropathy with right foot ulcer presents to the Emergency Department with pain in the suprapubic area radiating into the rectum and shaking chills. He went in a river to fish 4 weeks ago and […]

Answer to Questions: 51 year old man with worsening pneumonia while hospitalized

Question 1: What is being shown on CT scan? The CXR is showing what appears to be air-fluid levels in the right pleural area on the radiograph and is confirmed on the CT scan with fluid and air within the right pleural space. The lung parenchyma of the […]

In a Nutshell: Healthy Parent-Healthy Child

Family Worksheet Children Recommendations for Optimal Health and Wellness Keep Carbohydrates Portions as a side dish : Limit amount of processed foods, often high in carbohydrates.  You can start by focusing on portion size and food variety rather than on counting calories. Remember that you are a reference […]

Case Report: 51 year old man with worsening pneumonia while hospitalized

History 51 yo with increasing shortness of breath, cough and weakness over a period of a few weeks. No previous significant past medical history Low grade fever Works as a custodian and was subjected to a lot of second-hand smoke His initial CXR: Hospital Course Initially placed on […]

Childhood Obesity: Understanding and Addressing a Looming Crisis

Summary: Childhood obesity is one of the most important world health crises that we currently face. Our children are developing health challenges that will impact them for the rest of their lives.  Obesity strains the body’s mechanisms of homeostasis, leading to dysfunction and disease.  Will our children have a […]


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woman sitting while showing heart sign hands

Zoe P

While there are so many voices in the world right now that would seek to offer advice and instructions about our health, there are few that provide a consistent balance of ‘head and heart.’ Your Health Forum remedies that problem.

Zoe P

I was fortunate to find Dr. Cirino’s movement fairly early on during the pandemic and was undeniably impressed with his multifaceted approach to health, healing and well-being. From his blog posts to his books, it was immediately apparent that he offered a level of unparalleled care along with incredibly valuable content. As a busy working woman who is largely in charge of care for my mother, my daughter and myself, I was drawn to the broad appeal of Dr. Cirino’s topics across various circumstances, health situations and life stages. Perhaps most of all I love how brilliant yet accessible the material is much like the man himself. Dr. Cirino is a treasure and a wonderful resource who offers decades of training, knowledge and experience to those who are fortunate to find him as I was and he does so with that profoundly impactful balance of ‘head and heart.’ With Gratitude, Zoe P.

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