Cov-ART Photo Contest Gallery

Did you know that art is one of the most therapeutic activities that you can engage in? Art therapy can be an important tool for mental wellness during this pandemic, helping to create mindfulness and promote restorative activity.

Congratulations to the Winners of the YHF Photo contest!

There were a total of thirteen submissions.  The top three selections were based on votes and whether it captured the message of quarantine and how it is affecting us or how we are adjusting to it.

The fan favorites were as follows:

  1. FIRST PLACE   Cara Esau, Submission #6
  2. SECOND PLACE  Kalika Black, Submission #1
  3. THIRD PLACE   Breanna Hofenbredl, Submission #8

Congratulations to the winners.  Thanks to all for participating in this contest.

Submission #1, Kalika Black

#1 Kalika

Quarantine day #11 nature walk with Dad

Submission #2, Kalika Black

#2 Kalika

Virtual playdate with Nana and Papa, toys and all

Submission #3, Kalika Black

From the photographer, “My little sunshines. Thankful for grandparents who bought the kids an outdoor playhouse. We got it put together right before the COVID pandemic, and it’s been SUCH a blessing! Both kids love playing out back in their playhouse while we’re forced to stay home. ”

Submission #4, Kalika Black


Big brother was gracious enough to share a sucker with little sis while he ate a completely frozen Uncrustable. What happens during quarantine stays in quarantine? 

Submission #5, Adam Vandecoevering

#5 Adam

 Reminding me that this current situation is bringing a focus on love and positivity. This likely wouldn’t have been there today if COVID- 9 wasn’t affecting our lives

Submission #6, Cara Esau

#7 Cara

Granddaughter-Grandmother embrace:  coping with social distancing

Submission #7, Darlene Pedone

#8 Darlene and Cecil

This is Cecil. During the time of quarantine, Darlene has propped Cecil in various poses to brighten up people’s days.


Submission #8, Breanna Hofenbredl

#8 Breanna

 She is all set with her Lysol, Chlorox wipes and a roll of toilet paper and all of the essential goodies that any kid would need. 

Submission #9, Brenda Byrd

Brenda again

A live sand dollar which needs to stay near the ocean in order to live

Submission #10: Brenda Byrd

From the photographer, “Social Distancing: Alaska Style.”

Submission #11, David Tate

From the photographer, “Making face masks from the mother’s sewing machine.”

Submission #12, Melody Guy

#11 Melody Guy

The photographer is a traveling musician and really captures the feel of isolation on the road.

Submission #13, Reata


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  1. #1 VOTE is for PICTURE 6 saying everything — separation, isolation, emotional deprivation physical denial between loved ones caused by the Covidvirus
    #2 VOTE is for PICTURE 1 showing the isolation blessing by giving time for parent/child relationships
    #3. VOTE is for PICTURE 8 the innocence of the child in the midst of a pandemic leaves a smile on the face of viewer

  2. #6: This photo captures the generation gap that is exacerbated by covid-19–and how we can fight back by staying connected to family members despite all obstacles.

  3. I vote for #6 showing the separation from our most beloved elders of the family and the love a grandchild brings

    My second choice is #11 showing the traveling musician being the only one on the road. Isolation obvious. Very unique photograph.

  4. I love all the pictures but # 6 is my first favorite , my 2 Nd favorite # 8 third favorite # 2 .

  5. I vote for #6 Every picture tells a story and I believe this one captures Covid-19 pandemic of “social distancing” the best. We want to touch, hug our loved ones but can’t.

  6. I vote for #6, I like how it show how the social distancing has to keep people physically apart, but people still shares connection!

  7. Picture #6 shows the love shared through the barrier. The young girls face reflection in the glass shared with the womans face is life’s flow in ambient prescience. Everything is framed within a frames of the window. There is closeness in the touch-less touch like a fullness and an empty both at once. Very powerful photo of our current events of love an social distance, fear and isolation and togetherness through isolation.

  8. #6. It captures the isolation of those living in care facilities and the bonding between the residents and their grandchildren.

  9. I admit to partiality, but #6 has my vote because it captures two of my favorite people and the love they share together– grandmother and granddaughter. This pandemic forces us to be physically separate from many of our loved ones, and we miss the human touch–joining hands, wrapping arms around one another. But we can still share moments like these that we will never forget, expressing our love with our words, our eyes, our smiles, and the knowledge that we will persevere through this together, our bond even stronger at the end!
    Also I will vote for #8 because there are several items in the photo that, in the future, will make us say, “Oh yeah, the Covid crisis. I remember that!” Plus, as with all the wee ones in this contest, the little girl is adorable.

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