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Antibiotics: Knowing These 6 Truths Will Help

Key points: Antibiotics serve as a potent therapy that enables clinicians to protect patients from infections (surgical prophylaxis, use in cancer chemotherapy) and contribute to life-saving measures for ill patients with an infection. The following measures provide a framework for decision-making related to antibiotic selection and duration. The […]

8 Questions and Answers for the Measles Outbreak NW

Update 2/28/2019: As of today, there have been 65 confirmed and 4 suspected cases of measles in Clark county , Washington; 57 of the cases were in those unvaccinated; 6 cases with unverified vaccine status. The majority (47) of cases were in children 11 and under. There was […]

Respiratory Infections and Antibiotic Decision-making

Respiratory Infections and Antibiotic Decision-making By Dr. Christopher Cirino Key points: Antibiotics are often used in the outpatient clinic for viral infections. Antibiotic decision-making is subject to a form of bias in both physician and patient, confirmation bias, and makes opaque an already difficult set of decisions. This […]

Obesity: A Health Appraisal

Obesity: A health appraisal Key points: History and physical examination can often reveal clues of decompensation due to being overweight and obese. Some of these subtle clues are attributable to other conditions or reasons. Most people who have an elevated BMI in the obesity or upper overweight range […]

The Art of Medicine

                                                The art of medicine Doctors often spend time looking for medical conditions that are treatable.  For instance, a patient who is diagnosed with an acute bacterial pneumonia has myriad findings that correspond with this diagnosis, including the preceding symptoms, physical findings, radiographic findings and less commonly […]

The Benefits of Weight Loss: A Work in Progress

A focus on the “endgame” of weight loss can be discouraging as you embark upon a health journey.  The reality is that becoming healthier is a work in progress.  Although a body weight gohal can serve as a long-run goal, health gains can be realized even in early […]

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