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Trauma and Chronic Disease

What has a higher impact on our Health? Using medications or having the basic needs? Our healthcare system is broken. Our nation is in “sickcare” mode. The typical entry point into medical care is in the ER or the urgent care clinic, when something is wrong. The clinician’s […]

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MRSA Infections: Best Advice for Treating and Preventing Them

The article is a summary on treating MRSA and other Staph aureus skin infections and colonization. If you have had Staph aureus infections, this article is a great way to prevent further problems with this bacteria. As an infection doctor, this is one of the most common reasons that I see people. […]

Polypharmacy: Navigating Risk and Benefit in a pill-taking society

Key points: Medications are metabolized in the body to produce an intended effect along with secondary effects. With an increase of medications taken, there is an increased risk of drug to drug interactions and potentially serious harm. Multiple medications, or polypharmacy, are often seen in an older age […]

Pattern Thinking and Bias in Medical Diagnosis

Medical decision-making and bias Key Points: Bias infiltrates every step of a clinician’s approach to diagnosis and treatment. A sensitivity to this bias can lead to a greater ability to consider other possibilities to affect decision-making and move toward determining the cause. Doctor-patient collaboration builds a bridge to […]

Fractals, the Golden Ratio and Your Health (part I)

Key points: An eye on nature tells us a lot about how things grow and adapt through various pressures. Models such as the golden ratio and fractals illustrate the splendor of growth and life. What happens to these systems when they are perturbed? How does this relate to […]

Wellness and Infection Prevention: 10 Tips to Steer Clear of Infections

We all look for ways in which we can stay healthy and avoid illness. Not only can illnesses be inconveniencing and annoying, but also they can be serious and life-threatening. Below are 10 considerations for anyone that would like to stay infection-free this year (in no particular order): […]

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