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Increase in flu cases over the last few weeks nationwide: peak flu season

The link to an interview of me and Sarah from Channel 12 Portland – article and video – on the uptick of influenza cases locally in Portland. Yes – I said it — it’s fist-bumping season! Regionally and nationally, we are approaching peak flu season. This current surge […]

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My Health Journey: The Last Diet I ever had to go on- A Personal Account

The following is an excerpt of my personal journey to overcoming obesity on the path to finding wellness.  You may find some similarities in your journey: My Health Journey Sometimes when I share with people regarding my health journey, they have a hard time believing that I was […]

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The Calorie Challenge: Letting go of it on your Health Journey

Video Link “The Calorie Challenge” A calorie is the most common term that people refer to when they are describing the content of food. Yet, it doesn’t provide much detail about food. Much less does it really serve as a useful tool to those who are working toward […]

Update on Flu Season 2018-2019: A mild season but never mild enough

We are finishing up on week 7 of the new year and about halfway into the 2018-2019 flu season. This season has been mild on account of less influenza case burden.  The 2017-2018 season was more severe than the current season. By the end of that April 2018, more […]

You’ve Just Taken the First Step to Health: About Your Health Forum

    As you review the menu, you will see various items including the groundwork on health and wellness 1. Path to Wellness and 2.¬†Approaching Obesity.¬†There are several other sections in the menu; recently added was the Brain Health, featuring various articles on neuroscience and behaviors, and Natural […]

Cognitive Dysfunction Tied to Chronic Inflammation

More than 5 million US Americans are affected by Alzheimer’s dementia, and it has been attributable as the fifth leading cause of death in those aged 65 and older.¬† We often look at Alzheimer’s dementia as an isolated consequence of aging for some unfortunate people and varying developments […]

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