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COVID-19: Tips to Understanding the (Next) Pandemic

An Infectious Diseases Specialist Perspective for Planning for the Next Pandemic Key Points Addressed in Article  A review of Epidemiology  The Stages of an Outbreak  Ways to Begin thinking about protecting yourself from infection The Emergence of the novel Coronavirus  The caseload of those infected with COVID-19 continues […]

COVID-19: Can a novel coronavirus epidemic be contained?

Key Points Addressed in the Article:  Introduction Information to the COVID-19 Outbreak  What are coronaviruses?  Early considerations for risk of transmission in the United States   A wave of influenza-like illness caused by a novel Coronavirus, now referred to as COVID-19 by the WHO, has swept through a […]


  Summary: The 2019-2020 influenza season is off to an early start. Interestingly, the majority of cases have been associated with influenza B. With an increase in influenza-like illness identified in these last few weeks, it is possible that this season could be similar or worse than the […]

The Microbiome: Unlocking the Key to Health

What is the microbiome? The word microbiome  describes the trillions of viruses, fungi, and bacteria that live on or within the human body in various habitats such as the skin, mouth, colon and vagina.  Each site has characteristics, including pH, water and oxygen content, temperature, and chemical metabolites, that […]

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MRSA Infections: Best Advice for Treating and Preventing Them

The article is a summary on treating MRSA and other Staph aureus skin infections and colonization. If you have had Staph aureus infections, this article is a great way to prevent further problems with this bacteria. As an infection doctor, this is one of the most common reasons that I see people. […]

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