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Your Skin and Aging: Seven Things to Know to Protect It

Dr. Shahrzad Alimohammadi, PharmD, PhD Candidate Introduction Skin is one of the most complicated organs in the human body when it comes to structure and function. It serves as a physical barrier, prevents electrolyte and water loss, regulates body temperature, and aids the immune system in fighting pathogens. […]

Skin and Diet

How Your Diet May Be Worsening Your Skin Condition

by Dr. Shahrzad Alimohammadi, PhD Candidate, PharmD, Edited by Christopher M. Cirino, DO MPH Introduction: Diet and the Skin The skin is the body’s largest organ. The skin provides a physical barrier to the deeper structures of the body, but it is not a static structure. It plays […]

Needs a Healthy and Quick Snack? Green Beans with Sesame and Soy Sauce in 10-minutes

With the Autumn season quickly approaching, I’m already thinking of Thanksgiving – a roasted turkey, sweet potatoes, and green bean casserole. As one of the few vegetable staples of the Thanksgiving dinner table, green beans get smothered in creamy, salty sauce and topped with deep-fried onions. Delicious but […]

Creamy Lentils on a Bed of Greens

  We at Your Health Forum have sung the praises of black beans in the past. They and other legumes are a wonderful source of iron, protein, and essential amino acids that can be hard to find in plant-based diets. If you don’t have the time to make […]

Summer Salad with Spinach, Peach, and Blue Cheese

Okay so before I lose you on the word “salad”, let me say this is not your typical soggy and dressing-heavy salad. This dish starts with a healthy and nutritious base of spinach and really gets elevated with sweet flavors coming from fresh peaches and just enough savory […]

Healthy Recipe: Black Bean Soup

This simple meal is vegetarian, filling and nutritious with a star ingredient: black beans! Black beans are some of the most nutritious foods in the legume family. They are packed with protein & fiber (15 grams each in a cup!) which make you feel full and energized longer. […]

Easy Bok Choy Recipe

From Your Health Forum Founder Dr. Cirino: Looking for a side dish for your meal?  I love bok choy! I first discovered it from a wonderful meal in a Chinese restaurant.  I think it is more versatile than kale and has a nicer texture.  It has gained some […]

One Ingredient “Ice Cream”

With some frozen bananas and a blender, you can make this vegan, dairy free, gluten free treat, too!

Spotlight on Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard is another leafy vegetable, as versatile as it is healthy.  It comes in several varieties, include Lucullus, Fordhook, and Ruby Red.  You may have seen the attractive Rainbow Chard at the supermarket before, a collection of cultivars with different colors.  Swiss Chard is one of my favorite […]

Hacking Healthy Eating with Frozen Vegetables

(Laura Chase de Formigny for The Washington Post; food styling by Marie Ostrosky for The Washington Post) By Ginnie Lin, Edited by Christopher Cirino   Unless you are eating vegetables picked directly from your garden or bought at a farmer’s market, a “fresh” vegetable can vary vastly in […]

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