Month: July 2020

Out of the Air-fryer and Ready to Eat

An Air fryer Whole Fish Recipe that’s Simply Delicious

  Introduction: Air fryer Whole Fish Recipe Where there is fresh seafood, there is always fried fish to be found. And now you can get good results with an air fryer. Though other ways of preparing whole fish may be “healthier” – grilled or steamed — something about […]

Healthy Recipe: Black Bean Soup

This simple meal is vegetarian, filling and nutritious with a star ingredient: black beans! Black beans are some of the most nutritious foods in the legume family. They are packed with protein & fiber (15 grams each in a cup!) which make you feel full and energized longer. […]

Finding Wellness *Future book*

“A doctor’s job is to find health, anyone can find disease.” A.T. Still.  Founder of Osteopathic Medicine.   Your Health Forum is pleased to announce the preparation of a health book entitled Finding Wellness:  A Journey toward Understanding Health and Disease. I spent many years working “against the […]

Art Contests

Art and the Brain in the Age of Pandemics *Introduction Sample*

A future E-book that is underway will feature the art of the COVID-19 Children and Adult Art Contest.  I will explore the source of creative expression and how it is offers refuge during the current pandemic.  Featured will be submissions from several artists from the contest about how […]

Why a Generalist Specialist is Crucial for Excellent Care

“A child looked after by seven nannies is without one eye.”  Russian Proverb “Too many cooks spoil the broth.”   On this first week of the new interns, I wanted to share with you about the importance of becoming generalist specialists, and how patients truly benefit from having […]

The Smoldering Fire: Navigating through Diagnostic Challenges

The last perspective in medicine was about sudden changes.  This post is on more insidious changes and the diagnostic challenge. Diagnostic Challenges Introduction: A Case Report There is an interesting yet sometimes uncomfortable situation in medicine: when someone’s health is not quite right. Still, the diagnostic tests and […]

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