Stroke Awareness Children’s Art Contest Submissions Accepted Until Sept 28th

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Every year in the United States, 2.6 million people have a brain injury.  This could be as a result of a stroke, tumor, trauma, or other cause.   Of the 795, 000 people who have a stroke, nearly 140,000 will die.  To put it in other terms, one person in the United States has a stroke every 40 seconds, and someone dies every 4 minutes from a stroke.  Individuals who survive must face life with permanent changes, including impaired mobility and memory, speech and learning deficits.Although strokes tend to occur in those of advanced age, they can still occur at any age.  In 2009, 34% of people hospitalized for stroke were less than 65 years old (source CDC). After someone has a stroke, they have a short hospitalization and are discharged to rehabilitation or sent home.  A person is left with disabilities then by themselves are isolating, and are often given little resources or left to develop new routines without support in the community.
In Portland, the Northwest Brain Network was founded on the principals of providing resources, a community support system, and soundboard for individuals whose lives have been drastically altered by a stroke or other brain injury.  The directives of the network include:

  • Online website connecting members with stroke ambassadors and other community support and providing community support.
  • Information and virtual and physical seminars about health and wellness to reduce the risk of future strokes (about 185,000 strokes a year are in people who have had a previous stroke).
  • Updates on community events and seminars for stroke advocacy, education, and support.
  • Community music therapy with the Backstrokes led by Anne Tillinghast (a Co-founder of the Northwest Brain Network) and Keith Parkhurst, musicians and stroke advocates.


With so many people at risk for strokes each year, families, including children and grandchildren, are faced with the adjustment that their loved may no longer be able to communicate or participate in the same way as before.

We are looking for Children’s Art that centers on Stroke Awareness and Advocacy.  We would like to use the art in the information that we provide to patients that have been hospitalized for an acute stroke and to the community regarding the Northwest Brain Network.  This art might be uplifting or convey a message of support for a person who is just beginning to grapple with the “new normal” and the uphill battle with recovery after stroke.

For Children:

  • As part of this contest, Your Health Forum encourages children to talk to a family member who may have had a stroke and learn about their story.  When did it occur?  What were the results of the stroke?  How have they recovered?  How did it shape their life?
  • An art piece that shows stroke awareness, shares a message of hope, or communicates the message of what happens with a stroke.


How to Submit:

  • Your Health Forum and Northwest Brain Network will be accepting art submissions from now until the end of September
  • Art can be made using any media
  • Age group 5-17 years old
  • Send a high definition photo your artwork to us though


Deadline:  September 28th, 2020



  •      First Place selection will receive $250
  •      Second Place selection will receive $100
  •      Third Place selection will receive $50
  •      YHF will select several “Mentions” based on creativity and effort
  •      All participants will receive a certificate of participation


Consent to Submit and Use Photo of Art or Art:

  • By submitting a photo of your art, the artist and their parent consents that the photo may be used for advertisement, literature, and other media outlets by Your Health Forum and The Northwest Brain Network.
  • Any profits generated by the photo of the art will be used by the above companies toward their mission.
  • The artist may be asked to provide the actual art piece for an exhibit or galler




Support Your Health Forum’s Mission by Donating or Purchasing a Book by the Author.



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