Free Children’s Book: Pepe Finds His Way

Pepe Finds His Way

In this book, Pepe says “I think it’s worth a try.”  In this simple sentence lies the bridge toward new behaviors.  Pepe steps out of his comfort zone by changing his diet, managing his feelings, and walking with his family.  He takes one step at a time in forging a path toward improved health.  From these changes come more opportunities, as Pepe plants the seed for his future self.

Whether you are a child who has some challenges with your health or are interested in learning some skills that can strengthen a feeling of wellness, Pepe Find His Way provides tools that are sure to be useful.  Please be sure to enter your email on the right to become a member of Your Health Forum for access to more books, carefully researched articles and virtual and physical community events.


Christopher M. Cirino, DO MPH

Founder of Your Health Forum


Attached (click on the link) is a free download of the book Pepe Finds His Way.


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