Month: March 2020

This is a printable preventive checklist for a patient with high blood pressure

COVID Resources Page: Hyperlinked Articles and Questions

COVID-19 Hyperlinked Articles with Key Points Below is a summary of Key Points along with their hyperlinks. I have also listed the questions which can be hyperlinked directly into the site #1 COVID:  Can a novel coronavirus epidemic be contained? Key Points Addressed in Article Introduction Information to […]

Spillover and COVID: Igniting the Spark and How Zoonotic Viruses Jump Species

Key Points Answered in this Article 1. What constitutes a spillover? 2. What are the contributing factors? 3. How does SARS-CoV-2 cause infection in human pneumocytes 4. What are the contributing factors to more severe disease. The United States prepares itself for the impact of COVID-19  that will […]

Media Coverage featuring Dr. Cirino, Founder Your Health Forum

As an infectious diseases physician, Dr. Cirino has been asked for consultative advice regarding the COVID-19 epidemic.  Below are some media appearances that Dr. Cirino has had on news, online newspapers, and podcasts for this and other infectious diseases issues in the last few years:   COVID-19 updates: […]

COVID: Amid the Rising Caseload in the United States, the Country Braces Itself

Key Points Addressed in this Article 1. What does “flatten the curve mean” 2. How is a virus like a natural disaster? 3. What are the features of social distancing? 4. What does a PCR mean and how sensitive is it? 5. What are the benefits of Scaling […]

Fear in the Age of Coronavirus: Reasons why COVID-19 is hitting our self-preservation nerve

Key Points Addressed in Article Characteristics of COVID-19 disease that creates fear We sat and watched the Chinese government implement its draconian measures on the Wuhan, Hubei province and the rest of the country.  We saw leaks of photos and videos capturing these harrowing times.  Healthcare workers strained […]

In a Nutshell: Protect Yourself from Viral Infections (+ COVID-19)

Key Points Addressed in Article  What is Coronavirus?  How is COVID-19 spread?  How Can I prevent the spread or protect myself?  Can I get a viral infection after handling a package from someone who was infectious or that was delivered from a country where there is a high […]

Pandemic COVID-19: Applying Early Lessons Learned

Key Points Addressed in Article  Challenges with Containment related to Transmission: cough, personal cloud  Challenges with Case Fatality Rates  Importance of Protecting High Risk Populations Including Healthcare Workers and Long-term care Residents  COVID-19 and Outbreak of Fear   The novelty of the novel COVID-19 outbreak has passed. Sure […]

COVID: Key Points to Understand the Pandemic

Key Points Addressed in Article  Definition of Case Fatality Rate (CFR)  Discussion of COVID-19 CFR from the Wuhan outbreak cases  Ways in which COVID-19 is spread, respiratory droplets, surface and fomite  Diagnostic modalities available for COVID-19, CT scan and PCR   COVID-19 has traveled far and wide from […]

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