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Introducing A Health Information Site for Everyone: Your Health Forum


What is a Forum?

A Forum (Latin “public place outdoors”) is a place or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. Likewise, this page has been arranged for the purpose of sharing ideas as they relate to health and wellness, with a solid foundation of evidence-based recommendations.


How much control do we have of our own health?  Behavior and Environmental Exposures:


     It is likely that three-quarters of conditions seen in the clinical setting are linked to behaviors.  As a physician for more than 20 years, I realized that the clinical setting doesn’t often allow physicians and patients to discuss the most important issues to health – behavior. Sometimes the behavior is wrapped around a barrier of trauma, shame, blame, and guilt. If behaviors can be understood, explored, and adjusted, a person may be able to tap into the healing power of understanding the role of behavior on our actions: the brain chooses a path of past experience when grappling with the new.  If we could achieve actualization of how behaviors are instrumental to health and disease patterns, we could construct a new pathway, that allows us to emerge from repetition.

     Think of all of the dreams that you have yet to accomplish and all of the barriers holding you back.  A lot of these barriers are made by ourselves as we adapt to uncertainty. This is the reason that I created this page. Too often I saw patients after they had significant diseases, such as diabetes, morbid obesity, heart disease, and drug and alcohol abuse. If we could understand our behaviors for what they are, a pathway that has given us prior pleasure or allowed us to avoid pain, we could begin to brainstorm future goals and new behaviors.

     Our behaviors expose us to environmental risks.  Humans are glorious complex systems, that function optimally so long as every cell receives oxygen, nutrients, and other factors; in many ways, we are tissues of cells with specialized functions.  We interact with the environment through four main pathways:  Ingestion (food, liquid, toxins like concentrated sweets and ultra-processed carbohydrates, alcohol, etc), Inspiration (healthy vs. polluted air, including cigarettes), Tissue Injury (blunt or direct trauma, Injection drug use), and Interpretation (Our brains generate fear, stress).  In each of these situations, something that injures our bodies can enter and lead to direct toxicity to cells.  This leads to inflammation to regulate and mitigate harm.  Ultimately, the toxin is metabolized and the injury is cleared away to allow for healing.  This healing can lead to changes in the cell injured, new cell division (and telemore shortening), calcium deposition, fibrin, and minimal changes in the tissues; these changes accumulate and change our bodies from the cellular and vascular levels. 

     The interaction of the organism with the environment and time have long-term and irreversible changes on our bodies. Chronic diseases accelerate the same changes that occur with aging. In the state of disease, there is a dysfunction that accrues up to a point that the body is no longer able to regulate itself, a process known as homeostasis. When we speak of optimizing behaviors, we understand that optimal health is a direction that requires aligning positive behaviors with positive health outcomes. This isn’t easy, but it requires taking steps toward developing new behaviors, step-by-step out of a comfort zone let someone feel safer with ongoing, predictable injury over uncertain benefit with risk.


Your Health Forum: A Guide Outside of Your Safety Zone:


     Change is possible. If you have a chronic disease condition, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, or just have found yourself feeling stressed and not in control of yourself, you are welcome here.  Please have a look at the site and review the articles. If our brains are gathering the past to help us decode the present and are producing conclusions that make it easier to perform harmful behaviors, we have the power to change the view into one that produces growth, creativity, and leads to health.



More about the site.  More than just a health blog:


The information on this site is a doorway into a new way of health delivery.  It is not just the writing, but an opportunity – an invitation. The information will be available online in the format of text, zoom conferences, one-on-one coaching; it will be also available in-person, in the form of seminars and conferences.

The articles include in-depth and in-a-nutshell summaries on important topics in health for all readers. The literature reviewed often represents the latest evidence and links to additional reading (other blog sites, journals, and books), and my published literature and resources. I invite all to bring up topics of interest, current health news, or general questions as they relate to health. I can provide a review on the topic and we can explore it further.

As you review the menu, you will see various items including the groundwork on health and wellness 1. Path to Wellness and 2. Approaching Obesity. There are several other sections in the menu; recently added was the Brain Health, featuring various articles on neuroscience and behaviors, and Natural Foods, featuring nutritional and natural recipes.

The content of this information is for educational purposes only. I strive to convey helpful tips to improve your health and ready you with some of the basis of decision-making in the clinical setting. This blog site is not intended to replace your primary care physician or specialist and you should seek consultation with him/her directly for more specific recommendations tailored to your medical history. I invite you to use this as a supplement to your direction of finding health and wellness and warmly welcome you to this blog.

Please be sure to visit, my coaching and author page.  Thank you for finding this site.  Please be sure to leave a message and sign in to the email service for updates.


I am so excited that you have made this important first step.  Welcome!



Christopher M. Cirino, DO MPH



Your Health Forum Diversity Statement

Your Health Forum supports individuals of all backgrounds and upholds the inclusion of all people, no matter what color, religion, heritage, political background, gender, and orientation.  Your Health Forum strives to build bridges and create dialogue regarding the factors that underly health disparities and represent barriers to optimal wellness in these communities.  


Health is more than the absence of diseasee
Your Health Forum strongly upholds the belief that health is shaped by multiple parameters, including social and environmental. Photo by Valentin Antonucci
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